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    3 BOATS...

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    3 BOATS...

    Post  Ps2man80 on Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:46 pm

    A man is in the middle of the atlantic ocean, when a boat comes and says
    " Sir, come over here we will help you"
    Then the man says "No, if Jesus loves me He will save me"

    Another boat comes and the people on it say " Sir, do u need some assistance?"
    The man says "No, if Jesus wants me to die, I will die"

    Another Boat comes and they say " Sir, would u like to come on board?"
    Then the man says " No, if Jesus loves me He will save me"

    Hours later the man dies of Hypothermia, when he goes to Heaven, he asks Jesus..
    "Jesus, why didn't You save me?"
    Then Jesus says, " I sent u 3 boats dumb ass!"

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