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    L33T 5K00L Part 2


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    L33T 5K00L Part 2 Empty L33T 5K00L Part 2

    Post  GroupZero on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:04 pm

    -L33T 5K00L Headquarter-
    The Ramendon: Yah. For the record, I'm definitely MALE. Just getting that out of the way. But I guess I don't mind if I'm female...

    (Yes I do.)...(Or do I?)
    Gore: I'm just gonna ignore that comment..
    GZ: Same here....
    Ninjing: *poof* My primary weapon is a sword! *poof*
    GZ: What the f*** was that?
    The Ramendon: For the record; I can't stand pie. It's just too sweet for me. *After reading Chapter 1*
    GZ: Too bad!
    Gore: The story is so funny!

    -Somewhere In a Cemetery-
    GZ: Why are we here?
    Gore: Lol, fail.
    GZ: Hey that's my line! You are forbidden to say fail! Its registered under my name!
    Gore: What ever..
    The Ramendon: I'm hungry.
    GZ: You are not thinking what I thought you are thinking right?
    The Ramendon: N *Pie cuts in*
    Pie: PIE!
    Pie: And by the way, why am I in this story?
    GZ: Thats because I want you to be in it!
    TradeBuzzing: *ad deleted by GZ*
    GZ: OMG, you are the hall of shame!
    Gore: Yea the Biggest Rule Breaker!
    The Ramendon: Its just a bot man.....
    Wyverix: Why are we in the middle of a cemetry?
    GZ: IDK, my IP said so.
    Wyverix: Why don't we go back to the field in Kansas?
    GZ: I g2g bi

    *3 hours later*

    -Somewhere In a Field In Kansas-
    GZ: Hey I'm back in Kansas Gore
    Gore: Lol
    Linkmaster123: *poofed* BOB SAGET! *poofed*
    The Ramendon: OMG WHATS WITH YOU AND BOB SAGET? OMG, that Bob Saget picture on his sig. is so hot!
    GZ: *stares at The Ramendon*
    Gore: *staring at The Ramendon with his mouth open*
    Pie: *sholves pie down Gore's mouth*
    Gore: Woah, where did you came from?
    Pie: PEI!
    Ninjing: AHHHH
    Pie: xD
    GZ: haha you spelled pie wrong!
    Pie: No I didn't
    Gore: wow, fail...
    Gore: What ever
    The Ramendon: I'm starting on my Part 1
    GZ: ..
    Pie: You guys left me out of the conversation! PIE!
    Gore: so
    Pie: *shouting PIE and sholves more pies down Gore's mouth*
    Ninjing: *poofed* We need to make a official story *poofed*
    Pie: PIE!!!!
    GZ: ...
    Pie: PIE!

    Part 2 ends, because I want it to! I GOT THE POWER Evil Grin

    War Is The New Peace
    L33T 5K00L Part 2 116q5av

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    L33T 5K00L Part 2 Empty Re: L33T 5K00L Part 2

    Post  Goreblood on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:10 pm

    Hilarious XD

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