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    Post  Goreblood on Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:47 pm

    In this game you are a time travler. The levels in this game are all, how you say, "layed out". The world revolves around fate. And so do these levels. You use all your tools. You don't walk around, you have a hud and your cursor

    On your hud is your watch. You Click on it to make it "pop up" From there you set the time of the day you want to "rewind" or even "fast forward" too. Then you have the people or whatever left in the level. If a person dies or so it's an automatic gameover. Also on the hud you have 6 basic buttons: Play-plays and starts from the current time. Pause-freezes time. Fastforward/Rewind- slowly skips throgh, 1 minute at a time. Skip chapters(Back and forth)- Skips hours at a time.

    In the levels you will explore through tragic scenes. Such as major accidents. This will include: 9/11 and many more! Even to the simplist such as a car crash. Save some lives there!

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