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    C.O.T.U~ The new generation of overhead games!


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    C.O.T.U~ The new generation of overhead games! Empty C.O.T.U~ The new generation of overhead games!

    Post  Goreblood on Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:35 pm

    C.O.T.U: Call of the Underworld

    Zombies....Zombies.....What are you going to do about it?


    GO HARD CORE WITH OVER 30+ WEAPONS! Some from WWII and some from the 60's!

    This game also features a bucket load of intense gore and particle effects. Bullet shell effects and MANY sound effects. A lot of time and effort was put into making these amazing graphics and visual effects! Screenies might be realeased before the realease date (maybe just sprites though for some stuff)

    The game takes place in the 60's, and you're a WW2 veteran. The game though, is about zombies of course. But everynow and then you can play through flashbacks of WW2.

    The first "level" is actually a tutorial level, and barely has any difficulty, but it is pretty intense and fun.

    The next level is pretty cool and takes place in a graveyard. Has a nice cutscene(s)

    There is also a level editor! It works pretty nicely too. There is also 2 expansion packs for purchase! And there will always be new ones as the game progresses.

    Expansion pack 1: Haunted Barn

    Features a mulit-floored barn that is pretty darn creepy. Zombies can crawl up from the floorboards and follow you outside, upstairs, and downstairs. Taht's pretty cool, and one of the only few times you will be able to do that. Plus the top ten completion times for this level around the world. Also there are windows, which are pretty cool. But don't go tooo close. Zombie Dogs can burst through the windows! That is another cool feature, zombie dogs. Plus outside the barn there is a graveyard! And a hidden raygun. Also by buying this, you get the following new parts in the level editor: Zombie dog, invisible wall, dog_spawner, and window.

    The price will be $3.00

    The other expansion pack is a background expansion pack. itll be $.99. It just features some new backgrounds to use in your level editor. Plus dont forget that you can share and play your levels with you're friends!

    Also you can play the most fun feature of the game: Survival mode. It features many fun weapons from a Kar98k to Type 93 Flamethrowers. There's many rooms, great AI (Better than the rest of the game actually), and much more. Powerups too! SOO MUCH STUFF! EVEN GRENADES! Plus there's the top 100 online scores!

    There's also much more! (There's about 8 cheats too)

    The 50% DONE demo will be realeased on 10/31/09!

    Stay tuned peeeps.


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