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    Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info!

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    Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info! Empty Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info!

    Post  kimerajamm on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:17 am

    Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info! Pokemon_black_white-7-600x337

    - Better graphics
    - More 3D
    - Change in the battle scene (ex: Shows entire back of Pokemon)
    - HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokemon Center areas returning
    - Ride a new type of vehicle
    - Scans may hint at a car for transportation
    - Shop in the Poke Center
    - Characters seem to be speaking through speech bubbles
    - More realistic towns
    - “Evolution 3?

    The Name
    The Pokémon Company revealed the name of the game on 9 April, getting in there before the Pokémon Sunday TV show revealed the first details. Called Pokémon Black and White, it sees Pokémon returning to colors (yes, we know that black and white aren’t technically colors) for the first time since the first generation (Red, Blue and Yellow) were released in the late 90s. Since then the games have been named after minerals, metals and molluscs!

    The Games
    We’ve known that the fifth generation of Pokémon games will be released on DS in Japan this year for a while now. What about a US/UK release date? No news but we’d be surprised if it was released before next year. The Pokémon games are huge and feature plenty of dialogue so we usually have to wait a while for them to be translated for North America and Europe. For example, HeartGold and SoulSilver came out in Japan in September 2009 but were only released in the UK in March 2010.

    Enhanced Visuals
    It’s hard to judge from the screens above, but Junichi Musada, Director at the Pokémon Company did say it will feature enhanced visuals. You’d expect that.

    New Features
    As with any new Pokémon games we can expect new features but given what Junichi Masuda and Shigeki Morimoto told us recently, we wouldn’t expect a complete revamp. Morimoto said “I think the games need something familiar combined with new elements.” while Masuda’s philosophy is to “create a game that anybody, including those who have never played before, can enjoy.”

    The Monsters
    So far only two new fifth generation monsters have been revealed – Zorua and Zoroark. They are key to the new Pokémon film – Pokémon Ruler Of Illusion: Zoroark – which will be coming out in Japan on 10 July.
    Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info! Screenshot_29234-600x402
    Zoroark is the evolution of Zorua. It’s a dark type Pokémon who is described as a monster fox. It’s 5.3 feet tall and weighs 12.5kg. As for powers, this Pokémon has an illusion ability that enables him to appear to onlookers as different Pokémon and even people.

    In the latest movie trailer, Zoroark can be seen running towards Ash before changing forms from Suicine to Raikou, and then into an evil Ash. Finally, the Pokémon changes back to Zoroark and runs after Celebi. According to the plot summary, Zoroark – the Ruler of Illusions – is turning into Raikou, Entei and Suicine and attempting to destroy the city.
    Pokemon Black and White – New Scans & Info! Screenshot_29236_thumb300
    In our Pokémon Black and White wishlist feature, one of our forum members called for an end to cute Pokémon. Unlucky! Zorua is as cute as Pokémon come but he is described as an evil fox and judging by the trailer, it appears to be in league with Zoroark, calling out to him before the Ruler Of Illusion appears. According to the plot summary, he’s searching for his companion when he bumps into Ash and friends at Crown City. Zorua is a dark type Pokémon who is 2.3ft tall and weighs 12.5kg.

    That’s all for now. Remember that Pokémon Sunday should be revealing more details this weekend. We’ll also hear more on April 15th.


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